“This is world fusion at its best”
– Whole Note Magazine, ‘DoVira’ Album Review
“A unique sonic tapestry” 
– Tracy Jenkins, Lula Lounge & Lula Music
“Timeless traditions, with contemporary styles, arrangements and ideas” 
– Jonathan Campbell, SmallWorld Music & Good Kind Productions


New single “Back To Water” is here!

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DoVira [do-VEE-ruh], which means “trust” in Ukrainian, explores the point of intersection between Slavic/Balkan folk music and contemporary jazz/rock/r&b. This eclectic Canadian collective performs in various configurations, from an electronic trio, to a full rock band formation, often featuring flutes/woodwinds and traditional guest vocalists.

Fronted by Ukrainian-born vocalist/keyboardist/composer Nastasia YDoVira’s members include Patrick O’Reilly (guitars/synths/effects), Mike Romaniak (Ableton loops/sopilka flute), Max Senitt (drums), Derek Gray (percussion), Dan Minchom (bass), Anh Phung (flute), KC Roberts (guitar), and more.


DoVira has two releases out. Their first EP “Obrys” (or “Outline”) featured five re-imagined versions of Ukrainian folk songs, inspired by jazz and progressive rock. One of these early arrangements, ‘Yihav Kozak Mistom’ became popular on YouTube, celebrating over 100,000 views on YouTube.


DoVira’s second release was their full-length self-titled album “DoVira”, a darker exploration of the Ukrainian folk melody with more progressive elements, experimental sound-scapes, and other world music influences. The album featured DoVira’s original song “V Bij” (“To Battle”), an ode to those that lost their lives during the ‘Maidan’ government protests in Kyiv, Ukraine. The album highlighted nine exceptional world music guest artists, including Ed Hanley (tabla), Andrea Kuzmich (voice), and Ernie Tollar (woodwinds), and was coined “world fusion at its best” by Whole Note Magazine.


With their recent material, DoVira’s been exploring the electronic direction, experimenting further with live laptop triggering, vocal looping, sampling, and DJ effects. Their latest release, “More Days”, has been described as “some of the most interesting world folk-tronica being produced in the country” (Shevchenko Foundation). Released in spring 2019, the song seamlessly fuses English with various Slavic languages to create a sound that embodies an experience of duality so familiar to Canadians. Look out for a new EP ‘3’ from DoVira (electro trio) coming soon!


Going forward, DoVira is diving further into the world of r&b, funk, and soul, to create their upcoming full-band release ‘Slavic Soul’, coming late 2020…
DoVira's "Slavic Soul" Orchestra

DoVira’s “Slavic Soul” Orchestra


Sep 11 – “YYZ Live”, Pearson Airport, Terminal 1 International Arrivals, 7-9pm (trio)
Sep 18-20 – Toronto Ukrainian Festival, times TBA (Nastasia Y solo set)